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Who are we 

Teknosofikum (Teknosofikum - Competence Development) is a research and development project (2020-2023) funded by UFM and placed at ITU.  

The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) is a Danish university that teaches and conducts research in information technology. ITU is registered in the Danish Business Registry, CVR no. 29057753. ITU may be contacted by phone no. +45 7218 5000, by e-mail at or at the address Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 København S, Denmark. 

You can also contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) via, if you have any questions regarding our processing of your personal data. Or if you have questions regarding the project and your participation. 

Purpose of processing

The project processes your personal data for the following reason: 

First, the research aims at expanding knowledge about teacher professional development with/about technology in higher education.  

Second, the research seeks to qualify the concept of the course and understand its potential role in existing teacher training programs. 

Legal basis for processing 

The legal basis for our processing of your personal data is pursuant to the following:  

  • Performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority as per the The General Data Protection Regulation article 6, section 1, litra e 


We do not transfer or hand over your personal data to any recipients. 

The period in which your personal data is stored  

We store your personal data for five years after the completion of the course. Collected data will be used to publicize research findings based on the course, but no personal data will be part of the publication.  

Your rights 

You have the right to request access to, rectification or erasure of personal data, which we process about you. You may also request ITU to restrict our processing of your personal data, just as you may object to our processing and request us to transfer your personal information to others. 

Finally, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency concerning our processing of your personal data. You may read more about this and find the Danish Data Protection Agency’s contact details via 

Where have we collected your personal data from 

The project is collecting your personal data from  

Types of personal data 

The project only collects the following regular personal data from you: 

  • Personal data (e.g. name, age, gender, contact info) 

  • Professional data (e.g. education, professional field, previous teaching experience, institution, role, prerequisites, work interests, motivation, experiences with the Teknosofikum course and modules)  

Transfer to third countries or international organizations  

We will not transfer your personal data to recipients outside of the EU and EEA.